Thermion Arc Spray Systems and Coating

Thermion Arc Spray Systems & Coatings

THERMION® IS THE MANUFACTURER OF TWIN WIRE ARC SPRAY EQUIPMENT USED IN APPLYING THERMAL SPRAYED COATINGS. These metalized coatings are sometimes referred to as thermal spray, arc spray, flame spray, spray welding, metalizing, twin wire arc spray, TSA or even TSZ; in essence, we can spray all conductive metals in wire form.

Thermion® Metalizing systems are used worldwide to apply long life, cost effective coatings used for anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-abrasion, repair, remanufacturing and non-skid to name a few. Our founder, Frank Rogers, who is still active in Thermion®, invented the first Thermion® spray system back in the 1980s. Then, Thermion® metalizers featured the patented “Arc Shorting Control” feature. Thermion® has since introduced its latest invention, “Arc Voltage Drive”. Coupling the two technologies has allowed Thermion® to become recognized as the most reliable high production metalizing systems in the world.

With a focus to supply the coatings industry with the most productive and reliable thermal spray equipment used in metalizing, Thermion® is your direct source for High Production metalizing systems, materials and other accessories used in arc spray or metalizing.

About Metalizing Technology Used in Thermion® Arc Spray Systems

Thermion’s exclusive inventions for thermal spraying (metalizing) improved the twin-wire arc spray coating, metalizing process in coating quality, productivity, portability, and adaptability.

  1. High Deposition Metalizing – Maintains 70% deposit efficiency while spraying zinc at 189lbs/hr (86 kg/hr).
  2. Arc Shorting Control – This technology was patented due to its unique ability to control arc shorting in the arc spray process, therefore, maintaining a steady arc.
  3. AVD or Arc Voltage Drive – Eliminates arc shorting and automatically adjusts wire feed to maintain a perfect arc which improves coating density and eliminates coating defects due to arc sputtering.
  4. Six Roll Drive – This drive guarantees a non-slip positive wire feed with knurled feed rollers then removes the knurl effect when feeding continues through the liners and tips.
  5. TH604 Non-Slip Coatings – This coating containing both aluminium and ceramics provides long-term corrosion and wear protection for a non-slip or wear resistant coating for all substrates.
  6. Combination Leads – These leads accommodate the wire, power, and air enables the front end assembly to be light yet handle amperages necessary to perform High Deposition Metalizing/Arc Spray.

Corrosion Control Using Large Diameter Wires

High production Thermion® Arc Spray Systems use either 3/16″ or 1/8″ diameter Aluminium, Zinc, or Zn/Al wires. These metal spraying systems are designed to be used in portable field applications such as bridges, water tanks, transmission towers, wind mills, light poles, etc., where access is limited and turnaround times are short.

Standard Arc Spray Equipment

Metalizing contractors around the world have found that this twin wire arc spray system is a must have when metal spraying any job with time constraints.

This Thermion® Metalising unit uses our Fan Spray Gun that can be hand held or machine mounted for fully automatic spraying. It is designed to use standard thermal spray wire spools and can be setup to use our Precision Drum Dispenser which allows the use of large payoff drums, thus providing up to a day of continuous spraying, thus saving daily labour, increasing up time and savings on material cost. This standard metalizing spray equipment comes complete with all the basic components to perform metal spraying in either the shop or on the job site.

The PRECISION ARC series has a full function remote control at the feeder allowing wire speed and voltage to be adjusted by the operator. There are also meters for the amperage and voltage on the feeder for this piece of metallizing equipment. Wear life of consumable parts is exceptionally long, with the replacement being simple and quick due to its modular design.

  • Precision Arc 5.0 Anti Corrosion Arc Spray Equipment Package

New Improved Precision Arc 5.0

The Precision Arc 5.0 (Model 58000-5.0) is an improved spray system which incorporates all the improvements based on lessons learned for over 25 years of designing, building, and maintaining hundreds of Thermion arc spray systems worldwide. All attributes of the metalizing environment has been considered in this new advanced spray system which uses spraying wire of diameter 3/16″ (4.8mm) for very high deposition rates of 70% DE at 700 amperes and 100% duty cycle even in high demand robot or machine automation, or up to 1000 amperes in most manual spraying operations. Dust in the metalizing environment causes the most havoc in thermal spray systems, this spray system has been designed to combat dust in every way.

All moving parts are sealed requiring no maintenance. Electrically powered connections have been eliminated where possible while still allowing a portable and quick set- up system. Thermion’s exclusive six roll drive system is simple yet effective in delivering wire to the spray head smoothly and continuously while reducing parts wear. See below recent advancements given in detail.

Thermion Arc Spray Systems & CoatingsThermion Arc Spray Systems & Coatings

Precision Arc 5.0 Package:

  • FeederCart Mount Feeder set up to run 3/16″ or 1/8” dia. spray wires can be detachable for use in small (down to 24″) entrance areas.
  • Front End Assemblywith Fan Spray Head.
  • Industrial Cartwith high profile dust sealed wheels, heavy duty construction for shop or field use. Easily hung or rolled about the harshest environments.
  • Control Boxmodular constructed for quick change of complete control box or internal components, also interchangeable with any model of Thermion® Metalizing Systems, Series 5000 (Thermion® 500), 51000 (Thermion® Bridge Models), 53000 (Thermion® Spray Master) or 54000 (Thermion® Precision Arc).
  • 650 Amp Power Supply@ 100% duty cycle.
  • 50 ‘ Control / Power Lead,specifically designed for Thermion® systems using advancements such as shielded conductors for EMF protection, and a tough outer jacket resistant to cuts and abrasion to maximize service life.
  • Extensive Spare Parts Kit.
  • Tool Kitcontains tools to service the equipment plus special items for convenience.

Power and Air Requirements:

  • 650 amps @ 100% duty cycle; 50/60 HZ. / 208, 230, 400, 440, 575 volts. * CE models available.
  • Aluminium; 53lbs. an hour, 334sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Zinc; 190lbs. an hour, 472sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • 85 /15 (zinc aluminium); 136lbs. an hour, 431sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Air Consumption, 90 ~ 110psi at 60 cfm.,1/2″ IPS/ NPT Connection