Standard Bulk Blaster

Bulk Blaster-228x228

Marco 120~160 cu.ft. ( 6~8 ton capacity)

Stationary / Wheel Towable Trailer Blast Pots

Marco’s Big Bulk Pots are the right tools for any serious industrial blasting work. The Big Red design incorporates several unique features which distinctly sets it apart from the competition. Numerous safety and maintenance features provide a reliable, easily maintained, and operator-friendly unit, which significantly increases uptime by keeping your blast team working.


  •   Tank will last longer, providing more hours of total service
  •   Reduced risk of damaging unit during transport
  •   Easy to remove, repair, or replace
  •   Provide improved traction
  •   Fully carries and supports the weight of the unit
  •   Provides a quick opening or closing of an outlet
  •   Easy access for adjustment of abrasive flow, maintenance, and replacement
  •   Weight of moisture separator is fully supported, reducing possibility of damage
  • Built to handle higher working pressure for increased productivity
  •   Moisture separator is sized correctly for the application


Note: Other capacities are available on request.