Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Carbon Monoxide Monitor-170x170Carbon Monoxide Monitor – E.D.BULLARD (USA)

Connects to any high/low pressure compressed breathing air supply source. The monitor is factory set to sound a 93dB low alarm when CO level exceeds the OSHA limit (10ppm). External operation lights show green for normal and red for alarm for easy visual monitoring. Units operate on twin 9-volt battery or 115-volt AC power.

RADEX Carbon Monoxide Monitor-170x170RADEX Carbon Monoxide Monitor – RPB

The Radex Carbon Monoxide Monitor is factory calibrated and can be as simple as – Power On, Air On and Turn On or it can be as technical as you want with full traceability of alarms, calibrations and more. The Radex Carbon Monoxide Monitor is mounted in a rugged carry case and it can be mounted onto the Radex Airline Filter or Wall Mounted. It can be fitted with external alarms and relays to activate solenoids which can shutdown equipment as a safety measure.