Breathing Hoses

Standard Breathing Hose-170x170

Standard Breathing Air Hose

3/8” BSP
Standard Length : 20m

Premium SPEEDLOCK Breathing Hose 38in SAE-170x170)

Premium SPEEDLOCK Breathing Air Hose

3/8” SAE
Standard Length : 20m/10m

Starter Hose with Quick-Released Coupling (Optional)

Starter Hose with Quick-Released Coupling (Optional)

For use to quick dis-connected and connected Starter-Hose from BLASTGUARD Air Fed Blast Helmet. One end of the Breathing Hose is fitted with Quick Release Coupling with Male Release Coupling Adaptor and the other end is fitted with Swivel Fitting F⅜”SAE with Male SAE⅜”-Connector. Breathing Hoses must be connected by Male SAE⅜”-Connector by spanners up to the quick-release point at Blast-Helmet for Safety reason. They are available in Standard 1m or 3m length.