Abrasive Metering Valve

Flat Sand Valve-170x170Flat Sand Valve

(Manually Operated)

Flat Sand Valve is one of classic designs of abrasives metering valves and one of the most commonly used valves in the market. A long abrasive flow control lever is provided to comfortably adjust the mixture of air and abrasive.

Bantan Valve-170x170Bantan Valve

(Manual Operated)

From fine mesh aluminum oxide to steel shot and grit, Bantam Valve precisely meters all abrasives. It has a rugged non-corrosive body and is easy to maintain with its few replacement parts.

MAXUM VALVE-170x170Maxum Valve

(Pneumatic Operated)

The Maxum Valve is air actuated and is a normally closed valve. It is designed for use with an abrasive cut off switch, which allows for blow-down capability and is available with either urethane or tungsten carbide sleeves.