Blast Nozzles

Standard Venturi Blast Nozzles

Blast Nozzles (Aluminium or Polyurethane)


We offer a full range of Tungsten Carbide Venturi Blast Nozzles.
Venturi Blast Nozzle Inlet diameter is 32mm/25mm for 50mm/1-1/4” NPS Thread Nozzle Size respectively. They come with either Wide Thread (50mm) or Fine Thread (1-1/4” NPS). Choice of Metal or Polyurethane Jacket.

Blast Nozzles
(Aluminium or Polyurethane)
Orifice Size Fine Thread
(1-1/4″ NPS)
Wide Thread
6.5mm (1/4″)
8.0mm (5/16″)
9.5mm (3/8″)
11.0mm (7/16″)
12.5mm (12.5mm)

3/4″ NPS Small Nozzle

Suitable for 50 / 100Ibs Blast Pot

NPS Small Nozzles-170x170

Nozzle No Orifice Size
TS-3 3/16″ (5.0mm)
TS-4 1/4″ (6.5mm)
TS-5 5/16″ (8.0mm)
TS-6 3/8″ (9.5mm)
TS-7 7/16″ (11mm)
TS-8 1/2″ (12.5mm)