Graco Airless Spray Guns

Rugged, high pressure, airless guns designed for operator comfort, flexibility and performance.

The Guns from Graco are designed to be the longest lasting, most reliable airless spray guns!

Enjoy the maximum performance, reliability and comfort that one can expect from Graco.

graco airless spray guns-170x170Graco Contractor Airless Spray Gun

(3,600 psi)

  • Easiest gun to service on the market
  • Full trigger design, easy out gun filter and easy glide swivel
  • Form-fit handle provides maximum control and comfort while spraying
  • The maximum fluid pressure : 3,600psi (248bar, 24.8MPa)

Graco Silver Plus Spray Gun -170x170Graco Silver Plus Spray Gun

(5,000 psi)

  • Forged aluminum design
  • Stainless steel fluid tube
  • Needle guaranteed for life against breakage
  • The maximum fluid pressure : 5,000psi (345bar, 34.5MPa)

Graco XTR-7 Airless Spray Gun -170x170Graco XTR-7 Airless Spray Gun

(7,250 psi)

  • Variety of handle and trigger options for maximum spraying comfort
  • Compact design allows for easy maneuverability
  • High quality materials and construction
  • The maximum fluid pressure : 7,250psi (500bar, 50MPa)