Pulse Porosity Detector


The compact DC Porosity (Holiday) Detectors are used to ensure the longevity of coating systems by locating pin-holes, air-bubbles and porosity in non-conductive coating on conductive substrate, including concrete.


Used for detection of coating porosity (pin-holes, or holidays) in dielectric (insulation type) coatings on conductive substrates, including concrete.

Regulated ‘Pulsed’ output fully adjustable.

Ideal for Use :

  • In moist conditions
  • On wet coating surfaces
  • On contaminated coating surfaces
  • On carbon-impregnated coatings, ie: carbonated rubber
  • On plastic or fiberglass type coatings likely to become electrostatically charged
  • Coating Thickness Range : 150 to 25,000μm using P40 model

In compliance with the requirements of :

  • AS3894. 1-2002 and Nace Standards: SP0490-2007; RP0274-2004 & SP0188-2006
Unit weight 2.2kg 2.2kg
Packed Weight 8.0kg 8.0kg
Display type LCD LCD
Voltage display 0 to 20kV 0 to 40kV
Resolution 100V 100V
Alarm range 2 to 20kV 5 to 40kV
Short circuit test current 1.5mA Max
Power supply Gel Cell 3Ah Clip On
Dimensions 260 x 160 x 70mm
Alarm Range Audible
Probe handle Rubber lead