Wobble Impeller Head

Model : TS 1200

Model : TS 1200

Internal Pipe Centrifugal Sprayer with Wobble Impeller Head TS 1200

Equipment for the coating of inside walls or hollow bodies (pipes, cylinders, tanks etc.) with single or multi-component paint, lacquers, enamel cement and zinc dust, for pipes having diameters 250 – 1200 mm (10″ – 48″), extreme up to diameter 1800mm (70”).

The coating medium is lead through a hose to the impeller head, which is driven by an air motor at high speed and set in an acute angle to the main tube; thus the impeller makes a wobbling movement, resulting from the slow revolution of the whole part around the central tube (drive by means of a reduction gear). Therefore, the paint is not centrifuged on to the inside wall of the pipe in a vertical manner but in a certain angle to the wall.

With the wobbling movement of the centrifugal edge, a wide section of the pipe wall is sprayed. Welding seams, rivets and other irregularities are covered with coating material on all sides.

During one pass the surfaces are sprayed several times.

The coating material can be conveyed by means of pressure tanks, airless feed pumps, dosing plants, circulating pumps for paint as well as concrete pumps through feed hoses.

The paint centrifuge can also be mounted to coating machines.

Standard Execution

1 paint centrifugal sprayer with wobble impeller head, consisting of: 

  • Air motor with reduction gear for wobbling movement, 0.12kw, air consumption 340 l/min (12 cfm)
  • Impeller A with high-speed air motor, 0.55kw, air consumption 650 l/min (23cfm)
  • Nipple and threaded connections for air and paint hose.
  • Coating Capacity : up to 16m²/min
  • Pneumatic Motor :
    Max. Speed : 22,000 rpm
    Total Air Consumption : 990 l/min (35cfm)
  • Working Pressure : 4 – 6 bar (59-88psi)
  • Can be fitted onto the Auto-Lance with minimum modification