Internal Pipe Centrifugal Sprayer

Internal Pipe Centrifugal Sprayer FL 900

Equipment for the coating of inside walls or hollow bodies (pipes, cylinders, tanks etc.) with single or multi-component paint, lacquers, enamel cement and zinc dust, for pipes having diameters 150 – 900 mm (6″ – 36″).

Assembly and Function

The Centrifugal Sprayer FL 900 is mounted on top of a lance, which is provided with valves for air and paint, suitable for the coating of pipes up to 6 m long.

The coating medium is led by hose lines to the air-driven impeller turning at high speed. The paint is dispersed on the inner wall of the impeller, then floats over the centrifugal edge and is sprayed.

Method of Operation

The unit is first pushed up to the end of the pipe. Coating when retracting the machine, film thickness depends on retracting speed and feed of material from pump.

FL 900 can be mounted onto the Auto Lance with minimum modification.