Internal Pipe Painting Equipment

Hollow-Cone Spray

Model : IPC - 80/300

Model : IPC – 80/300

Internal Pipe Coating Equipment

This system requires an Airless Pump to supply paint to the hollow-cone nozzle though a 1/4″ high pressure paint hose.

Name :  Hollow-Cone Spray
Model :  IPC – 80/300
Application :  For Pipe from ø75mm to ø300mm (ø3″ to ø12″)
Standard Nozzle Supplied :  TC-8 (ø1.52mm orifice – ø305mm Cone Pattern*)
Standard Nozzle Available :  TC-6 (ø1.07mm orifice – ø254mm Cone Pattern*)
:  TC-10 (ø1.63mm orifice – ø406mm Cone Pattern*)
:  TC-12 (ø1.93mm orifice – ø457mm Cone Pattern*)
:  TC-16 (ø2.18mm orifice – ø457mm Cone Pattern*)

*Approximate Cone Pattern Diameter at 300mm distance.