SM 1600

SM 1600-228x228

The New Generation Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment – SM 1600

Equipment for cleaning of the interior of pipes having diameters 500 – 1600 mm (20″ – 64″) by means of sandblasting procedure using the normal blasting mediums.

Assembly and Function

The machine is mounted on a six-wheel centering device and equipped with a sand blasting head provided with three nozzles. The blasting head turns on ball bearings and is rotated by the repulsion of the air jet. For a controlled rotation there is also a friction wheel drive available.

The nozzles can be mounted opposed to the blasting direction so that irregularities, welding seams, butts, rivets, etc., are cleaned from two sides.

Method of Operation

The unit is first drawn up to the end of the pipe and during the blasting process retracted while the used medium is blown forward out of the pipe.

Sandblasting Equipment with Centering Device

Pipe Diameter :   500 – 1600mm
Blasting Capacity :   0.5m²/min
Working Pressure :   6 – 8 bar  (88-118psi)
Nozzle Connections :   1-1/4″ taper threads  (total 6)
Approx. Weight :   20 kg
Air consumption :   3 nozzles ø9.5 mm, 7 bar (103 psi) approx.18.5Nm³/min (655 cfm)

All types of abrasives applicable.