Auto Blast & Auto Spray System

Advantages of using the Auto Shot-Blast/Paint Machines are :

  • Higher production with reduced labour.
  • Provides cleaner working environment.
  • Eliminate or minimize the need for abrasive blasting at site.
  • Provides proper anchor pattern to meet paint specification requirements and increase protective coating life.

Lesoon-Designed Auto Shot-Blast/Paint Machines have features and specifications, which most competitors will consider as “extra options”. In today’s competitive environment, delivering goods on time as per clients’ specifications at the most competitive prices is the most important factor to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Compare all specifications and your needs before purchasing capital equipment (asset) based on PRICE alone.

Lesoon Designed Automatic Shot-Blast Machines will help you to prepare raw steel material surfaces to required coating specifications faster and more economically than Hand Cleaning, Power Brushing, Pressure Air Blasting or Chemical De-scaling, which often create environmental and health problems and their by-product “wastes” are more costly to dispose of.