Steel Grit

Steel Grit4-228x228

W ABRASIVE Steel Grit is crushed steel shot. They have a sharp edge that helps cleaning the surfaces easily. They are used for different applications (ship building, pipe building, steel construction, granite cutting, tank manufacturing etc.). Our products are very successfully used in abrasive blasting operations. A special heat treatment process is incorporated. To ensure that steel grits have uniform martensitic microstructure. Cast High Carbon Steel Grit is primarily used for compressed air blast cleaning of fabricated steel, beams, pipes, steel structures, castings, forgings, etc.; or in the pre-treatment of metal surfaces prior to finishing process.

Physical Properties and Chemical Composition of W ABRASIVE Grit

W ABRASIVE Steel Grit complies to ISO, SAE & SFS Standards for High Carbon Cast Steel Grit.

GP  –  Angular when new, this grit rapidly round off in use and is suited for de-scaling of steel in auto blast machine applications.

GL  –  Although harder than GP Steel Grit, also loses its sharp edges during blasting operations and is particularly suited for de-scaling and surface preparation applications.

GH   Has the maximum hardness and remains in angular shape even after each blasting operation. It is suitable for surface treatment process that required uniform etched finishes. GH Steel Grit should be only use in auto-shot blast machine where working requirements take precedence over cost consideration (e.g. with roll mill cylinders or where a special surface finish is needed). Mostly use in compressed air pressure blast machines.

Chemical composition (%) GP Steel Grit GL Steel Grit GH Steel Grit
Size All materials are screened to meet or exceed SAE Specs
Carbon, C 0.85 -1.20%
Manganese, Mn. 0.60 – 1.20%
Silicon, Si 0.40 – 1.20%
Sulfur, S 0.05% max.
Phosphorus, P 0.05% max.
Hardness 40-50 HRC 56-60 HRC 63-66 HRC
Hardness Deviation Maximum Deviation ± 3.0 HRC
Microstructure Finely tempered Martensite
Bulk Density 7.4 ~ 7.6 g/cc

STANDARD PACKING: 25kg/bag and 1,000kg (40bags) per carton placed into a wooden pallet and PVC skin-wrapped