PS Ball / Grit


PS Ball (Precious Slag Ball) is environment-friendly product with stable molecular structure from molten slag generated from steel making process at steel melting plant. PS Ball is new material produced by super-cooling method of molten slag and in the same time transforming it into stable Spinel Structure. It is not only used in various applications, but also use in place of natural sand because of excellent physical properties. It is more environments friendly than using sand, garnet or copper slag.

Comparative View of Properties (PS Ball vs Copper Slag)

1.  Chemical Properties (%)

SiO2 AI2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3 MnO NaCI Cu Etc.
PS Ball (EAF Slag) 20.3 5.65 17.42 5.54 46.26 3.21 0 0 1.52
Copper Slag 26.05 5.26 6.7 1.68 51.1 0.2 0.01 4.25 4.75

2.  Cleanness & Roughness

Surface Roughness Surface Cleanliness
Surface Profile AI2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3
PS Ball (EAF Slag) SA 2.5 75micron 90 micron Surface Profile SA 2.0 ~ 2.5

3.  Properties of PS Ball and Copper Slag

Category PS Ball Copper Slag
1 Mohs Hardness 7~8 6~7
2 Specific Gravity 3.45 3.6
3 Illumination on (Quality) Very Good Good
4 Color Black Black
5 Apply to existing fadlity Possible Possible
6 Fadlity change Easy Easy
7 Reuse 1~3 Times No Reuse
8 Amount of Surface Remaining Partide Small Quantity Large Quantity
9 Required Quantity for single are blasting (m2 ) about 20~30kg about 40~50kg
10 Waste Apply Non-Scheduled Scheduled

Newly Developed Crushed PS Ball (PS Grit)

Steel Grit4

Crushed PS Ball (similar to Steel Grit which is crushed from Steel Shots) has sharp edges that greatly improves blasting efficiency in removing of existing thick paint-coatings from steel surfaces. Crushed PS Ball has all the advantages of PS Ball and can be re-cycled 2~3 times by adding new crushed PS Balls at each re-cycled operation.

Standard Size Available : 0.6mm ~ 4.0mm